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Mataram, Lombok

One night in Mataram

We were due to fly from Bali to Lombok and then from Lombok to Sumbawa but the day before the flight the 2nd leg was cancelled by the airline. The reason: none given, nobody knows. Just one of those things that happen in Indonesia. You have to be flexible with travel and everything else here if you're to enjoy your stay. It was probably just as well that it was cancelled as the first leg of the flight ended up being delayed by 3 hours which meant we would have missed the 2nd leg anyway then had to find last minute accomodation in Mataram or perhaps Senggigi.

We were late getting away and that meant arriving after dark.

Lisa went to arrange bus tickets for the next day for the trip from Mataram to Sumbawa. While I waited on the side street outside the hotel I noticed that there were dogs everywhere.

Lisa arriving back from getting tickets. Photo: very low light 1/13s, f1.4, ISO 1600, no image stabilisation.

More dogs playing in the traffic.

Charging up our electronic gear for the following day.

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Return to Indonesia

First stop Bali

It finally felt like being away from home upon arriving in Bali. The warmth and humidity, the Balinese stone and perhaps mainly, the smells.

The footpaths are the best they’ve ever been along the main streets of Kuta/Legian. It’s even and flat. No large holes, no more watching for rises and falls.

Disappointingly, a restaurant that had been a favourite on visits in 2009, 2011 and 2013 has changed. It’s expanded, you’re no longer sitting among pebbles with stray cats looking for chicken bones but mainly the food was not good.


Never mind, there is a more local type eating place that serves Padang food that is cheaper and I’ve never seen a westerner eating there: Nasi pedas translated literally as spicy-hot rice.


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Leaving Bali

Off to.....

overcast 30 °C

Well, we were due to fly from Bali to Lombok tomorrow. After a brief period we were then to fly on to Sumbawa besar but the 2nd leg of the journey has been cancelled by Wings Air. Perhaps it is part of the crack down on "illegal" flights in the wake of the Air Asia crash. After much discussion we will take the first leg of the journey as planned, stay the night in Mataram and then take the bus across Lombok, onto a ferry and then continue to our destination of Jelenga beach. We are not behind schedule as we had planned on stopping the night in Sumbawa Besar.

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